How Does It Work?

Ever wondered how the magic happens? Let's delve deep into the science behind our star product, Anagen Boost.

Harnessing the Anagen Phase

Hair growth isn't constant. It goes through cycles, and the anagen phase is when hair grows. Our product, as the name suggests, aims to boost this very phase, ensuring your hair grows thicker, stronger, and faster.

Procapil®: The Secret Ingredient

Derived from natural ingredients, Procapil® is a breakthrough against hair loss. It strengthens hair follicles and anchors them firmly to your scalp, preventing hair loss and thinning.

Real Results with Real People

Our independent clinical studies have shown that continuous application of our 3% Procapil® formula brings about visible results in just four months. Whether male or female, Anagen Boost caters to all, ensuring a fuller head of hair.

Your Haircare Routine?